Microcredits represent direct credits of SEF at a favourable contractual interest  rate. This kind of financing enables enterprises of specific target groups, which represent a specific market gap, access to favourable financing resources in the fourth development phase for financing of furher growth and development, investments and current operation of the enterprise. 
The purpose of microcredits is an easier and simpler access to sources of financing on favorable terms of financing, which are shown by a lower interest rate, lower collateral requirements, maturity of the credit and the possibility of a grace period for repayment of the credit as well as limitation of excessive approval procedures for the credit.

SEF offers microcredits in form of:
  1. Microcredits for micro and small enterprises
    The purpose of the product is easier access to favourable sources of financing for growth and development, investments and current operation of the enterprise on a national level. 
  2. Microcredits for enterprises with the status of social enterpprise and enterpirses with social content
    The product enables the direct provision of affordable sources of financing to enterprises with the status of social enterprise and enterprises with social content for a smooth operation and the strengthening of an entrepreneurial activity. This form of microcredits is intended for the social acivation of people considered as vulnerable or underprivileged groups on the labor market or  in the society. 
  3. Microcredits for regions
    The product allows easy and fast access to liquidity funds for enterprises in individual regions