SEF offers financial support for newly established innovative enterprises with a high growth potential that are at the beginning of their business way and develop innovative products for the wider market as well as processes and services with a high added value.These incentives will provide financial support to young enterprises in the first development phase, which covers the setting up an enterprise, the creation of a minimum viable product (MVP) based on own development, the creation of an entrepreneurial team, a direct transfer of knowledge and knowledge institutions into the business environment.This is the most extensive group of newly established young innovative enterprises that show potential for rapid growth and need the most favourable financial sources at the beginning of their business way. However, the Fund may also support with special incentives classical projects of young enterprises that demonstrate a positive economic and social potential.
Start up incentives are available to newly established enterprises in the first development phase in tree forms: 
  1. Incentives for innovative start ups
    The purpose of the procuct is the support of start-up enterprises with a potential for rapid growth and that develop innovative products, processes and services with high added value for a broader market. In addition to the financial incentives the start-up enterprises are also entitled to substantial support grom the best local and foreign start-up mentors - "SEF TWIN". 
  2. Incentives for start -ups in problem regions
    The puprose of the product is the support of start -up enterprise, whic are not technologically innovative, but their classic project has a postive economic and socal potential, especially in terms of reducing the unemployment in problem regions. 
  3. Incentives for start - up enterprises in the field of wood utilization
    The product os designed for new enterprises in the field of wood utilization. The goal is the introduction of products and servisec with a higher value added in teh field of wood utilization and the integration and exchange of knowledge in the forest-wood chain.