The European Commission announced new digital visionaries at the end of October and awarded three winners of the competition for the best social innovation of the year 2017.This year’s competition was themed ‘Equality rebooted’.

One of the winners of the award is a young innovative Slovenian company Feelif Ltd. They developed a multimedia tool for blind and visually impaired, which enables the user to feel the shapes on the flat surface of multimedia screens.

The company, which received a grant for innovative companies in the amount of 54.000€ by the Slovene Enterprise Fund and a convertible loan in the amount of 75.000€ for faster growth, was awarded by the European Commission as one of the best European social innovators in the year 2017!


Source: The European Commission

The recipients of the award for European Social Innovation with their projects successfully proved how digital technologies can improve the lives of people. Out of 800 entries from 40 countries, three winners were awarded 50,000€ each.
And what is Feelif device?
Feelif device for blind and visually impaired enables them to feel shapes on a standardised display. The smart device is based on software and special grid, which enables display surface orientation. The combination of vibrations and sounds, emitted by the smart device, adds to the Feelif user experience. The device enables the user to read, listen and create content and feel different shapes, learn Braille or simply have fun playing games.

Source: Feelif web page

This is not the only recognition of the company Feelif for their innovativeness. How special is their product was also recognized by the “Center for Innovation and Technology Commercialization Foundation”, which operates under Unesco and has more than 70 partners across the World. They placed the innovation of the company Feelif among the 150 best innovations in the World.

More about the company can be found:

You can also read the announcement by the European Commission:

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