The European Investment Fund (EIF) marked its 30th anniversary with an event held on June 10 and 11 in Luxembourg, celebrating long-term collaboration with its members and partners. Through the EIF, more than 2.1 million MSMEs across Europe have been supported to date.

Among the attendees was Mag. Maja Tomanič Vidovič, Director of the Slovene Enterprise Fund, a long-standing member of the EIF, which has enjoyed excellent cooperation since 2004. Throughout their collaboration, the Slovene Enterprise Fund has insured or reinsured over 7,300 issued guarantees and loans through the EIF.

The event featured presentations on various current topics, including ecological and geopolitical aspects, raw material and energy dependency, future priorities, inclusivity, and investment in skills. A key highlight was the presentation of the EIF’s end-users, i.e., the companies supported by the EIF in collaboration with its members and partners. From Slovenia, the event was attended by the company Chipolo, known for its innovative device finders. In recent years, Chipolo received guarantees for bank loans with subsidized interest rates from the Slovene Enterprise Fund, reinsured by the EIF through the COSME program.

This year, EIF and AECM (the European Association of Guarantee Institutions) became official partners, marking the peak of their long-standing fruitful collaboration. This partnership ensures close cooperation among EIF and AECM members in supporting MSMEs across Europe. In honor of EIF’s 30th anniversary, AECM presented a commemorative book featuring photographs of significant moments of collaboration between its members and the EIF. The book includes photos from 2018, when the Slovene Enterprise Fund co-founded the Central Europe Fund of Funds (CEFoF).

More information about the event can be found HERE.

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