Basic information about the Fund

1. Share of supported enterprises by the Fund

The Slovene Enterprise Fund is as a national financial institution and is the stimulator of the development of micro, small and medium-sized eterprises (SMEs) with favourable financial incentives.

SMEs are of course very important also for Slovenian economy and  Fund plays important rule in supporting SMEs. So our purpose is to enable enterprisess access to favourable financial resources in the form of:
- Start up incentives
- Seed capital
- Venture capital
- Microcredits
- Guarantees for bank loans with interest rate subsidy
....which are intended to finance varous bisiness and development activities such as: start up of an enteprise, own development and innovation projects, rapid global growth, women entrepreneurship, socially useful product and services, creative industries and business model reengineering.

75% of annual support is inteded for SMEs 5+ (enteprises odder than 5 years) and 25% for young innovative enterprises - 10% of them are even younger than 12 months.

2. Generated effects of SEFs supported enteprises:

  • 84.020Preserved jobs
  • 6.794New jobs created
  • 1.5New jobs created per enterprise
  • 15 %Average value added increase within three years after the investment

3. Generated effects of SEFs supported young enterprises:

  • 1.642New jobs created in start ups
  • 755Supported innovative projects
  • 400Newly established enterprises (survival rate is 87%)
  • 2New jobs/enterprise