The business philosophy of SEF employees includes the following guidelines:

All solutions and activities implemented by SEF employees follow a single goal – to be effective for our users – SMEs in Slovenia.  All other solutions and activities only follow this central direction.
The employees of SEF are giving and will continue to give proposals for the policy makers in order to ensure ease for applicants.
We will continue to ensure transparent operations with specialized software tools, and we strive to provide transparent and simple information on websites for external users.
Our operations are transparent due to public disclosure of all relevant information and by complying with the legislation and regulations of the European Community and the Republic of Slovenia.
SEF employees appreciate the focus on fast solutions that ensure the satisfaction of end users.
SEF employees are oriented towards finding positive solutions and ready for team cooperation, thereby achieving synergy and thus the satisfaction of end users.
SEF employees are focused on accuracy, timely response to all new challenges and to requests received from end users.
We focus on concrete and clear decisions and responsibilities in the implementation of individual projects or activities.
We are introducing improvements to financial solutions to reduce financial market gaps for SMEs, which will take into account the best knowledge, experience and resources from different countries.
SEF employees have the appropriate knowledge in the field of financial and other development incentives for the business sector with a focus on finding the most optimal solutions for end users.

Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship
Short name: Slovene Enterprise Fund
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