SEF is a leading national financial fund for support of SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, using effective financial and substantive incentives to reduce gaps in access to finance and substantive support and enables co-financing of various business services (vouchers).

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund is the holder of the Certificate of Conformity
with the Code of Conduct for Microcredit Providers issued by the European Commission.

Grow together

At the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, we are growing together with our companies and partners. Our motto “Grow together” applies to the Fund’s internal culture, as well as to our customers – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to our partners in the business support environment.

Employees of the Slovenian Entrepreneurship Fund are daily involved in the entrepreneurial way of thinking, trying to understand the needs of the business sector in Slovenia and to respond to the needs and wishes of our customers, you, dear entrepreneurs.

We live in a time of great change, but only people with vision, positive energy and a desire to cooperate, create positive change. We invest a lot of energy in forming new partnerships at different levels, because in a global and rapidly changing environment, only cooperation, synergies and complementarity win.

With a clear mission and vision

Start-ups, scale-ups, innovative companies and other micro, small and medium-sized companies in Slovenia are the centre of our attention. It is through them that we realize our basic mission: to provide them with favourable financial resources so that they can realize the set growth and access to increasingly demanding and specialized markets. We do this following the example of the world’s best practices.

We are a financial institution with goal to support the growth and development of entrepreneurship in Slovenia. We are a link between various business networks and consulting institutions, thus upgrading financial assistance with substantive support, such as various professional services, mentoring, training and networking for companies.

The Slovenian Entrepreneurship Fund also co-creates the Slovenian start-up ecosystem. Along with financial incentives, we offer rich, innovative companies rich content support within the #StartupPlus program, which brings together in one place all the key support that innovative start-up companies need for rapid global growth.

We represent the European Commission’s goals of supporting entrepreneurship, research growth, development and employment.

Goal oriented

We have set our goals, including the provision of additional financial resources, to approve favourable financial and substantive incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups, and thus encourage new investments in the economy.

We play an important role in the Slovenian environment because we act as:

  1. Leading provider of bank loan guarantee
    The guarantee line represents the most important financial line of the SEF, representing on average more than 80% of all approved funds per year. We cooperate with all Slovenian commercial banks as a provider of guarantees for bank loans with an interest rate subsidy to SMEs. Bank loans can be used for larger investment projects or to finance working capital.
  2. Leading microcredit provider
    Microloans are tailored to the needs of SMEs, the self-employed, start-ups and scale-ups who face difficulties in accessing traditional banking services in the market.
  3. A key co-creator of seed and venture capital with additional substantive support
    Since 2010, we have been focusing on supporting young innovative companies with alternative sources of equity financing, which are still in development on the Slovenian market. Through seed and venture capital investments, together with private investors – business angels, corporations, seed and venture capital funds, we support young fast-growing companies with potential for global growth.
  4. The only provider of small value incentives – vouchers
    Through vouchers, we provide 60% co-financing of various business services that improve the competitive position of companies and the quality of their operations. Through a simple and fast approval process the companies get access to lower value incentives in the form of grants. SMEs get access to co-financing of individual services, by a simple application process, with the help of which they can strengthen their competitiveness and competencies.
  5. Co-creator of the business environment for the business sector in Slovenia
    We cooperate and connect with many Slovenian and foreign institutions to achieve maximum success in financing SMEs.
  6. Connector of the business network in the international environment
    Due to the small market and slowing economic growth in EU markets, internationalization is a key element for the growth of supported companies. Assistance in internationalization is becoming an important element in the implementation of financial lines and in all content support programs.

Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship
Short name: Slovene Enterprise Fund
Ulica kneza Koclja 22, 2000 Maribor

Tel.: 02/234 12 60
Fax.: 02/234 12 82