1. Commercial banks

At the implementation of specific financial products SEF also cooperates with commercial banks that operate in the Slovenian area. Banks, responding to an official invitation from the SEF to participate and agreeing to the terms and conditions of cooperation, conclude an agreement on mutual cooperation with the SEF. The advantage of working with banks reflects primarily (1) in the sharing of risks between different business partners, (2) in combination of different sources of financing, and (3) in encouraging banks to become more involved in supporting start-ups, micro-enterprises and fast-growing innovation-oriented enterprises that represent a higher risk for the banking sector in relation to already established enterprises.

2. Venture capital companies under a public-private partnership

At the implementation of the financial instrument of Capital investments of Republic Slovenia in private venture capital companies the SEF cooperates with selected venture capital companies. This provides for (1) a greater multiplier effect, since the selected venture capital companies must participate with at least 51% of their own funds in addition to the public resources, obtained from the SEF and (2) the risks are also divided among both financial partners.

The cooperation between the SEF and the Slovene export and development bank (SID) is reflected by (1) combination of financial assets of SID Bank and the SEF on the level of cooperation with the commercial banks and by (2) the potential cooperation and / or financing of both institutions at the implementation of each instrument.

4. Regional guarantee shemes

SEF also cooperates with regional guarantee schemes that are organized in the context of regional development agencies or regional development centres. In that way it can (1) accelerate the development investments in SMEs at the regional level, while at the same time it also (2) enables the sharing of risks between different business partners.

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