1. Cooperation with the European Commission (EK)

The SEF since 2005, in its operation, benefits from the European Cohesion policy funds and thereby allows the Slovenian entrepreneurial sector access to European funding. Cooperation has continued and further strengthened in the financial perspective 2007 – 2013.

2004-2013 in million EUR

European Structural Funds

Amount of financial resources

Number of supported enterprises
Amount of granted financial support
ERDF – subsidies 201,7 1.235 200,9
ERDF– debt financing 74,3 1.814 339,7
ERDF – equity financing * 35,05 21 20,3
TOTAL ERDF 311,05 3.070 560,9
ERDF Share 72% 72% 84%

2. Cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF)

In 2004 the SEF has began cooperating with the European Investment Fund (EIF), which implemented programmes of the European Commission in the framework of the Multiannual Programme for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 2001 – 2006 (MAP 2004 – 2006). In 2008 the SEF has also strengthened the cooperation within the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 2007-2013 (CIP 2007-2013).

European substantive programmes for SMEs

Amount of financial resources

Number of supported enterprises.
Amount of granted financial support
MAP 2004-2006 0,69 117 13,76
CIP 2007-2013 7,64 937 152,83
TOTAL MAP 2004-2006 and CIP 2007-2013 8,33 1.054 166,59
MAP and CIP Share 1,9% 24% 25%

COSME 2014-2020

the COSME program is ongoing, contractually approved amounts are shown
14,57% 1.940 310,00
EASI 2014-2020 1,3 % 543 12,8

3. Cooperation with AECM

SEF is a full member of the European Mutual Guarantee Association – AECM which includes 40 members from over 20 European countries, Russia, Montenegro and Turkey. Full membership in the European Mutual Guarantee Association – AECM allows the SEF continuous contact and flow of information on the implementation of guarantee schemes at the level of European countries, while at the same time it provides new possibilities for its members to participate in the creation of economic policies with their suggestions and ideas.

The Portfolio of the member states at 31.12.2013 amounted to 76.95 billion EUR of issued guarantees, which were granted to more than 2.93 million recipients (more information in the link).

* In 2010 the SEF began with the implementation of the instrument of equity finance to SMEs. Within the context of this instrument it supports six venture capital companies, which until the end of October have supported 16 SMEs in the amount of 16 million EUR.

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