Financial line description:

  • SEF directly co-invests seed capital with private investors in young high-tech companies in the form of a convertible loan or direct equity investment.
  • Funding for young innovative companies (under 5 years of age) that show the potential to enter foreign markets and grow rapidly in foreign markets.
  • Encouragement of private capital (investment of independent investors – business angels, corporations, venture or seed capital funds) by co-investment, stakeholder networking and synergy with the start-up ecosystem, following the example of best foreign practices.
  • Additional Content support for young innovative companies, the recipients of financial resources receive a content support program that specializes in or. is adapted to the target group, form of financing or company development phase – #Startupplusprogram


Convertible loan for start-up

  • Convertible loan (conversion of the loan into equity) for company growth phase

  • 75.000 EUR paid out in three tranches

  • Support for approximately 15 companies p.a.

  • Favourable loan conditions


Co-investing with private investors

  • Doubling private investments of corporations or private investors
  • From 100.000 to 600.000 EUR public investment paid out in three tranches
  • Support for approximately five companies p.a.
  • Equity capital for global growth
  • Convertible loans, co-investment
  • For young innovative/high-tech companies (younger than 5 years)

  • High growth potential

  • Development of new products

  • Market entry and growth (internationalization)

  • Increase in the number of employees

Content support for young innovative companies

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