Financial line description:

  • venture capital support for fast-growing, globally oriented companies

  • equity investing together with private investors (venture capital companies) as direct capital investments and mezzanine loans
  • the purpose of establishing such financing is to develop the existing venture capital market in Slovenia and thus increase the number of private venture capital companies
  • Venture capital is available for fast-growing and globally oriented companies through the Central European Fund of Venture Capital Funds (CEFoF), which was launched in 2018.
What is CEFoF – Central European Fund of Funds for venture capital?

  • CEFoF was developed by the EIF (European Investment Fund) in close cooperation with the governments and national agencies of Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary with the aim of increasing equity investment in fast-growing SMEs in the Central European region.

  • Support to companies in the phase of rapid growth with access to venture capital is provided through selected venture capital and private equity funds.
  • The size of CEFoF amounts to EUR 97 million, and the selected venture and private equity funds add private investments, so that SMEs have a total of approx. EUR 200 million of venture capital.
  • The Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology supported the project, and the SPS is actively participating in the project, investing EUR 8 million in the Central European Fund.
  • To date, the under the CEFoF project there were:
    • approved

      EUR 72.5 million

      (75%) commitments to

      8 participating private venture capital funds

      for investments in SMEs

    • 28 investments in SMEs with high growth potential made by 6 private venture capital funds
    • in the total amount of EUR 87.35 million

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  • up to EUR 8,000,000 in equity financing

  • For rapid global growth of scale up companies

  • financing in the form of venture and mezzanine capital

  • financing by venture capital companies under the CEFoF project