Financial line description:

  • Encouraging the establishment of start-up companies and help for the first stage of their entrepreneurial journey
  • Development of supported companies and successful transfer of entrepreneurial ideas into commercially successful companies with positive economic and social impact.
  • According to market gap analysis, the existence of start-up companies is precarious and are an extremely vulnerable market group.
  • Additional Content support for young innovative companies, the recipients of financial resources receive a content support program that specializes in or. is adapted to the target group, form of financing or company development phase – #Startupplusprogram


incentives for innovative start-up companies

  • Non-refundable financing for innovative companies in the conceptual phase

  • 54.000 EUR, paid out in three tranches

  • Support for approximately 40 companies per year

  • 100 % aid intensity for MVP (minimum viable product) development, for launching innovative products on the market.

  • Non-refundable financing for company start-up
  • For start-ups younger than 14 months
  • Product development (MVP)

  • Launching product on the market

Content support for young innovative companies

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