SEF programs

SEFs guarantees for bank loans with interest rate subsidy enable SMEs a faster, easier, but mainly cheaper obtaining of bank loans for the implementation of projects that provide a competative market penetration and an improved market position.
SEF offers guarantees in the form of: 
  1. Guarantees for bank loans with interest rate subsidy
    A credit, which is secured by SEFs  guarantee within this product, is more favourable for enterprises due to lower collateral requirements, lower interest rates, maturity of the credit and the possibility of a grace period for repayment of the credit as well as no extra costs for the approval of the guarantee. Enterprises that obtain a credit within this product at one of the participating banks, have the possibility of obtaining a guarantee in the framework of the three credit - guarantee lines, whic include: 
    - the possibility to secure classic projects
    - the possibility to sesure technologicallly innovative projects
    - the possibility got secure trade activities
A successful application of SEF for the acquisition of the counter-guarantee under the COSME - EU The programme for the Competitivenees of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises for the period 2014-2020, provides even more tendered quotas for the next three years within the framework of the guarantee product.