Effects of supported companies in the period 2017-2020:

Supported projects of the Fund must contribute to the Slovene macroeconomic effects in terms of investments made, maintaining the number of jobs and creating new jobs, and increasing added value per employee. The Fund monitors achieved macroeconomic effects within the business process of strategic analysis and reporting.

After the financial support, the Fund monitors the achievement of the set objectives in the macroeconomic field of the supported projects for another 3 years after the investment or for a longer, if required by the nature of the product. The effects of monitored companies are shown with an annual lag, as new financial data for the previous year are only available at the end of May.

An overview of the achieved macroeconomic effects of supported companies in the period 2017-2020:

jobs created or on average 0,6 per supported project
jobs maintained
0 %
average value added per employee increase in three years after investment (average value added on 31.12.2020 – 45.418 EUR/employee)
0 %
average income increase in 3 years after investment (average income on 31.12.2020 1,373.426,76 EUR)
0 %
of supported companies

  • 16% in professional, scientific and technological activities
  • 5% in information and communication activities
  • 3% of investmentments in technological equipment from various activities
  • 2% of companies with in-house development

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