Small value incentives through vouchers

The main purpose of the project or so-called voucher system is the establishment of a system of allocating small value incentives, which allows micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) significantly simplified access to co-financing of individual services through which companies can strengthen their competitiveness and competencies.

It is a program of incentives for SMEs –vouchers that companies can apply throughout the year with a simplified and fast approval procedure.

Basic features:

  • Simple small value incentives for SMEs.
  • Fast handling.
  • Vouchers available throughout the year (public calls are open until 2023 or until funds are used up).
  • Co-financing in the amount of 60% or up to EUR 9,999 per voucher.
  • The total amount of vouchers that the company can use is 30,000 EUR / year.
  • Eligible costs of vouchers for most content are from 1.1.2019 onwards (there are exceptions – so it is imperative to read every public call).
  • The application is submitted to the SEF based on public calls.
  • Free help with preparing an application – SPOT advice.
  • E-VOUCHER as a way of application we established so-called e-voucher system, which enables the company to complete the application and make the request in e-form via the SEF portal (ePortal).

More about Vouchers

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