The product is designed for young enterprises with growth potential and consequently with the potential of creating new jobs (the focus are young technological enterprises), which are especially vulnerable in the early stages and are, for a successful start of a business, in urgent need of adequate financial sources and coaching support for the implementation of their business processes. Second development phase involves the finalization of the prototype, the first market analysis and contacts with potential buyers and can be financed with seed capital in form of convertible loans or direct capital investments, where it’s desirable or mandatory, that the development project already includes potential private investors (the credibility of the project, which manages to convince a large group of potential private investors, is higher in Slovenia and abroad).

The products operates in the way, that the holding fund (SEF) alone and /or together with private investors directly co-invests in the form of:

  1. Convertible loan for start up of innovative enterprises
    The product in intended for young enterpises (younger than five years) that have, during their testing on the market, already confirmed the existence of the problem with the prototye or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and are in need of investment funds for further product development and testing of its functionality. 
  2. Direct capital for growth of innovative enterprises
    The product represents another form of seed capital through which the SEF, together with private investors, directly invests in a young enterprise (younger than five years). Capital investment is suitable for young enterprises that already have a completed product, are already selling it, but want a fast espansion and growth on the market. 

Young enterprises are in the context of both forms of seed capital in addition to financial resources also entitled to substantial support from the best local and foreign start -ups mentors – “SEF TWIN”. 

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