The bank loan guarantee line is a financial engineering model offering combination of different financial sources and multiplication of such sources as a result of financial leverage.


Development guarantees as collateral for bank loans intended for financing of development & expansion investments, Micro guarantees intended as collateral for bank loans for working capital, Guarantees for new business as collateral for bank loans taken by enterprises registered less than 42 months.


Counter guarantees for regional guarantee schemes provide support for regional guarantee schemes operating in Slovenia and providing guarantees as collateral for smaller bank loans taken by SMEs from their regions. The Fund uses this product to ensure multiplication and linking of financial sources also at regional level, while ensuring also a uniform support in provision of favourable financial sources for SMEs in individual regions of Slovenia. AIM: The bank loan guarantee line is oriented in supporting the development investments aiming at ensuring faster growth of an enterprise, creating higher value added per employee, replacing low value-added jobs by high value-added ones, and providing for successful transfer of development ideas to successful market-oriented undertakings.


The enterprise shall visit a bank cooperating with the Fund (the list of banks involved shall be published in individual tenders) and apply for a loan indicating that the loan would be collateralised by the Fund’s guarantee. Upon a positive decision of the bank, the enterprise shall submit an application to the Fund’s public tender. In case of a positive assessment, the Fund shall provide the enterprise with 60 % to 80 % guarantee to collateralise the above-mentioned loan, and a lower interest rate for the loan.

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