The purpose of the product (P1TIP) is a faster obtaining of bank loans for SMEs 5+ enterprises for the implementation of TECHNOLOGICALLY INNOVATIVE projects that facilitate a competitive market penetration, an improved market position and expansion of business and an improve the financing of working capital.

Code of product
P1 TIP/ Guarantees for technologically innovative projects with interest rate subsidy for SMEs 5+ enterprises/
Brief description of the product

  • Guarantees for bank loans SEF issues partial insurance in form of a guarantee for bank loans for investments that are obtained by SMEs 5+ enterprises from participating commercial banks.
  • Interest rate subsidy Each credit, which is secured by SEF’s guarantee, is also entitled to lower interest rates because the SEF also subsidizes the interest rate.
The purpose of the product
The purpose of the product is to improve the access of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, older than five years, to favourable sources of debt financing for the implementation of projects that provide a competitive market penetration, improved market position, expansion activities and to improve the financing of working capital.

The product P1TIP SMEs 5+ enterprises is dedicated to TECHNOLOGICALLY INNOVATIVE enterprises which:

  • are older than 5 years,
  • plan investments that provide an extremely fast growth of the enterprise,
  • generate higher value added per employee,
  • create jobs with higher value added,
  • ensure a successful transfer of development ideas into market-oriented undertakings,
  • reinforce the technological development and innovation solutions,
  • lack sufficient collateral for securing a credit
Final recipients
micro, small and medium-sized businesses (younger than 5 years), which are in the process of introducing technological improvements or technological renovation of existing production systems, in the process of finding new solutions, products or services, with an emphasis on own knowledge or knowledge of a broader research and development team, which is reflected in the commercialization of new solutions, products or services.
Benefits for the final recipients
The loan secured by SEF’s guarantee is favourable to SMEs due to:

    • lower requirements for the insurance of a credit requested by the banks due to the obtained guarantee of the SEF,
    • lower interest rates,
    • longer credit maturities,
    • possibilities of a grace period for the repayment of loans.
Intermediaries between the Fund and the final recipients
The intermediaries are banks which grant loans to the enterprise.
Conditions for the selection of intermediaries
SEF invites all banks operating in Slovenia with an official invitation to participate in the issuing of the guarantees. The banks that expressed interest to participate and agree to the conditions of mutual cooperation, conclude an agreement on mutual cooperation on the implementation of the product with the SEF.
Eligible costs

  • costs of tangible investments,
  • costs of intangible investment,
  • costs of financing current assets.
Basic characteristics of the product P1TIP:

  • Guarantee rate: 80% of the loan principal without interest
  • Loan amount: up to 937.500 EUR
  • Maturity: 10 years
  • Loan costs: the interest rate on the loan from the bank is 6-month EURIBOR + 0.00%. The costs of the loan are determined in accordance with the tariff of the bank.
  • Cost of the guarantee: the fee for the granting and management of the guarantee is defined in the public tender.
Acquisition procedure
The enterprise visits the bank, which cooperates with the SEF, and applies for a loan with the explanation, that for the credit insurance SEF’s guarantee will be used. On the basis of a conditional positive written decision of the Bank the enterprise can apply to the public tender from the SEF. In case of a positive assessment the SEF approves the guarantee for securing the loan and a lower interest rate, which is paid by the enterprise for utilisation of loan.
Evaluation criteria
All formally completed applications, which meet the conditions for applying and comply with the purpose of the public tender, are evaluated by a commission for the allocation of funds on the basis of qualitative and / or quantitative assessment. Based on this assessment the application receives a positive or negative opinion. The commission for the allocation of funds submits a proposal to the management board of the SEF for all valid and relevant legal formal applications with the acquired positive as well as negative opinion. The Management of the SEF takes a final decision with a written decision to grant or a written decision to not grant the application. Precise criteria with a scoreboard are an integral part of the tender documentation.

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