The programme »SMEs 5+« includes financial support for existing enterprises older than 5 years, which provide continuous and steady growth and operate profitably within a selected market niche and do not have exceptional growth potential. Most enterprises develop into classical enterprises that fill a specific market niche and provide a continuous and steady growth, without the potential for exceptional growth in the global market. These enterprises are indispensable for the operation of the entire economic system and the wider development of the entrepreneurial sector, because on one hand they save jobs and create new jobs and on the other hand they create higher value added per employee with its development.

Financial support for this target group of enterprises focuses on debt financing. SMEs 5+ have the possibility to choose from 4th phase products, namely:
– GUARANTEES for bank loans with interest rate subsidy
– SPECIAL INCENTIVES in the form of grants

Figure 1: Financial support for SMEs 5+

With adequate financial support SMEs 5+ have easier access to favourable sources of financing to stimulate growth and development of the enterprises, implementation of development investment projects and the financing of current operations.

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