The Fund’s vision is to remain efficient national financial institution with established financial engineering, which will offer adequate financial solutions for development & business projects in the enterprise sector of Slovenia through three funding lines including supply of siutable financial instruments.

For successful implementation the Fund’s vision, Fund will combine public and private sources, domestic and international financial resources, and it will also co-operate with other domestic and foreign financial institutions.

One of the Fund’s objectives is to ensure the favourable financial instruments through the whole life cycle of the enterprise:

  • Seed stage
  • Start-up stage
  • Development stage
  • Growth stage

The mission:

  • improving the acces to favourable financial sources which includes the state aid for different business,
  • proportional implementation of the state aid in all development stages of the enterprises’ life cycle, creating the visible effects of state aid in economic sector,
  • implementation of public tenders to granting the state aid for development investments in corporative sector under the principles of simplicity and transparency,
  • upgrading of existing financial service to the business service.
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