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SEF incentives

SEF is a leading national financial fund for support of SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, using effective financial and substantive incentives to reduce gaps in access to finance and substantive support and enables co-financing of various business services (vouchers).

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Financial incentives

SEF offers SMEs (small, micro and medium sized enterprises) better access to favourable sources for growth and development: start-up incentives, seed capital, venture capital, micro loans and loans, guarantees, special incentives.

Content support

SEF offers SMEs (small, micro and medium sized enterprises) content support programmes:

Vouchers, Content support for innovative young companies, prospective entrepreneurial ideas in schools and faculties.

Together, we create your success story…

Every year, an increasing number of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from our (SEF) incentives, helping all of us to THRIVE TOGETHER and generate powerful and successful business stories.

Success stories are part of our mission – learn more about them.

EDUCELL d.o.o.
is a biotechnology company, which focuses on developing new cell therapies and offering them to those in need.

“The Slovenian Enterprise Fund is one of the few institutions in Slovenia that wholeheartedly wants to help companies,” says Educell CEO Dr. Lenart Girandon.

is a Slovenian manufacturer of zero-energy prefabricated buildings.

“At Lumar, we have also worked very well with the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, which has helped us to accelerate our digitisation and green transition process,” says Lumar CEO Marko Lukić.

is a privately owned Slovenian company engaged in developing customer-focused tests and measurement solutions.

“Given the growth of the company, this was the right time and place to apply for the SEF incentives, and we are grateful for that,” says Dewesoft company director Andrej Orožen.

ENERGEN d.o.o.
is a well-recognised energy service company, which is engaged in research and engineering in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies.

“In the past, the Slovenian Enterprise Fund has helped us achieve our goals with various financial incentives,” says Energen CEO Marko Seršen.

… and many other success stories …

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