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SEF incentives

SEF is a leading national financial fund for support of SMEs, start-ups and scale-ups, using effective financial and substantive incentives to reduce gaps in access to finance and substantive support and enables co-financing of various business services (vouchers).

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Financial incentives

SEF offers SMEs (small, micro and medium sized enterprises) better access to favourable sources for growth and development: start-up incentives, seed capital, venture capital, micro loans and loans, guarantees, special incentives.

Content support

SEF offers SMEs (small, micro and medium sized enterprises) content support programmes:

Vouchers, Content support for innovative young companies, prospective entrepreneurial ideas in schools and faculties.

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Best practice

Every year, more and more micro, small and medium-sized companies benefit from the SPS incentives with which we GROW TOGETHER and create successful business stories.

Meet some of the best practice examples

We have been successfully cooperating with the Slovenian Enterprise Fund since the establishment of HomeOgarden d.o.o. This cooperation enabled us to enter foreign markets more efficiently and our company to operate more stably, which is certainly due to the employees of the Fund, with whom it is a great pleasure to work.

Aleš Pfeifer, director of company HomeOgarden d.o.o.

We have been cooperating with SPS since our establishment. With the acquisition of the start-up grant, we gained financial and mentoring support for the development of our idea in 2019, and in the last year of operation we have successfully overcome current challenges with the help of voucher support.

Eva Štraser, director of company Evegreen d.o.o.

In our opinion, the Slovenian Entreprise Fund is the only institution in Slovenia that wholeheartedly wants to help high-tech companies. Through its activities, it enables faster growth both through the provision of funds, as well as through networking and other promotions. At the Fund, they see the potential and not just the barriers and specifics of a particular area, which is certainly very welcome, especially with complete innovations such as cell therapies.

dr. Lenart Girandon, director of company Educell d.o.o.

Elaphe is a company in a cycle of accelerated growth, and we see the Slovenian Entreprise Fund as an institution that helps with this transformation through various forms of repayable and non-repayable financial incentives. In our cooperation so far, they have shown that they not only believe in our team and technology, but also help us in search of optimal forms of support that help achieve our goals in the direction of sustainable and energy efficient mobility.

Gorazd Lampič, director of company Elaphe d.o.o.